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You can’t get much prouder than the bulldog standing on the front of your bonnet leading the way on iconic Australian routes. But now there’s another badge to be proud of on your Mack – the iconic ‘Australian Made’ logo.

Designed and engineered for New Zealand

Since the first AC landed on Australian shores in 1919, Mack has built an enviable reputation of reliability and strength. The Australian landscape is unforgiving and demanding on trucks crossing its terrain. So in 1963 when Mack Trucks Australia was founded, it started building and adapting trucks to suit Australian conditions.

This culture of continually evolving and developing Mack Trucks still exists today, resulting in the best trucks in the conventional market. Designing and engineering our Mack trucks locally means we can meet and exceed the demands of customers, focussing on application excellence, providing reliability and durability.

Global technology and latest innovations

Our Australian engineers leverage common architecture and shared technology to design trucks that use the latest innovations and are built to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

With greater distances to travel and heavier loads, Mack offers the purpose built Outback Pack, the sophisticated safety system of Bendix Wingman Fusion, the Mack Powertrain consisting of the powerful MP10 engine, the smart mDRIVE transmission and the comfortable Mack Air Ride.

Customised to your business needs

We take pride in building trucks that are customised to our customer’s business needs. This ensures the truck is perfectly suited to their task. Every Mack truck built for the Australian market is made to the highest quality standards at the production facility in Wacol, Qld.

Backed by Australia’s largest dealer network

Rest assured that your Mack Truck is backed by Australia’s largest dealer network, with over 77 service points nationwide. Our friendly and caring dealer network provides total support for your business and strives to make your visits easy. Our roadside assistance is second-to-none and we offer competitive pricing on parts and services, reducing total cost of ownership.

Mack Trucks are investing approximately $160 million, together with our private partners, in our dealerships and customer service network over four years, including new national headquarters, and new dealerships in both Brisbane and Sydney.

Proudly supporting Australia

Our factory in Wacol, Queensland houses manufacturing and engineering facilities which has close to 450 people directly employed in the production process and about 50 dedicated engineers. Approximately 85 local suppliers deliver more than 3,500 different components to the Wacol factory – of which, many are produced right here in Australia.

We have invested over $27 million in our production facility over the past six years, and will invest a further $3.7 million in upgrading our chassis treatment and cab paint process. We will continue to improve and develop our facilities in the future because we believe in local manufacturing.

Mack Trucks makes a significant economic contribution to the local area and we are proud that we do this without any government subsidies.