Freight Haulage

Greg Payne has been around Macks since he was a kid when his father used to drive trucks for Freight Haulage in the seventies and eighties.

LW Bonney

From its beginnings carting milk in cans from dairy farms, LW Bonney & Sons has grown to become one of the largest and most diversified transport companies in New Zealand.

Southern Transport

Geoff Snow runs the logging operations for New Zealand’s Southern Transport, and his fleet of twenty Macks is carrying on a long tradition.

Glen Cameron

If you’d asked 22-year-old Glen Cameron, 42 years ago, whether he could imagine one day taking on his 1000th truck, he’d have told you “not in a hundred years”.

Fabian Farms

Have you ever wondered how all the fresh vegetables in your supermarket or greengrocer got there? Dallas Fabian explains all, and why Mack is the truck he uses.


Jonesway Transport carry pre-fabricated houses all over Australia. Managing Director Steve Jones tells us why he uses Macks for the job.

Richers Transport

Richers Transport have 35 Macks and their latest are all-Mack Gold Bulldogs. Why? Because it gives them reliability, dependability and re-sale value.