“A truck that pays for itself”

When you’re running Brisbane-Darwin on a regular basis, every drop of fuel your Super-Liner saves goes straight to your bottom line.

Blinco Transport run general freight and triple road trains from Brisbane to Darwin & Kununurra and everywhere in between. In late 2013, the Blinco team took delivery of three new MP10 Super-Liners, with three more on order, and the Super-Liners quickly proved themselves as winners in fuel economy.

That’s what I call economy

"It’s pretty simple really, says Ricky Blinco, “the savings I make in burning less fuel using a Super-Liner cover all my truck payments over a 12-month period. A truck that pays for itself? That’s what I call economy."

After a test drive coordinated by Brian Bennetts, Ricky couldn't fault the drive and performance of the Super-Liner.

Cool running

Apart from the increased torque and better fuel efficiency, other aspects of the Super-Liner that Ricky’s drivers enjoy are the cooler running temperatures, the ease of driving with the m DRIVE automated manual transmission and the super-quiet cab.

“Driver fatigue is an issue for everyone, especially on the routes we’re running” says Ricky, “and the combination of the m DRIVE, lower cab temperatures and the overall sense of quiet in the cab makes a big difference to our drivers.”

The Gold Bulldog strikes again

Alistair Roberts, Regional Sales Manager - Mack Trucks Australia, said "Blinco Transport are reaping the rewards of the all-Mack driveline. Fuel economy certainly has proved a winner for their team, and driver comfort ensures their drivers are happy to talk about their drive.

“Only an Elite Gold Bulldog Mack with an all-Mack drivetrain can deliver these sort of results. It’s always worth considering the long-term savings that this upfront investment in your Mack can provide, it certainly pays for itself, and with these Super-Liners Blinco Transport have proven that, and what’s more, proven it over one of the most demanding long-haul routes on the planet.”