“Far superior to anything I’ve ever driven”

In a family business you get to choose the truck you want, and Peter and James Gilbert wanted a Super-Liner. And with good reason.

Based in Toowoomba in southern Queensland, Gilbert’s Transport Pty Ltd have built their business around livestock and tanker transport. Gilberts is a family-owned and run business with Peter and James at the helm, while Peter's wife and daughters also all work for the group.

Taking it for test drive

A new truck is a big investment, so choosing the right one for your particular job is a big decision. Brian Bennetts of Mack made regular visits to Gilberts, keeping them up to date with new products and developments. Critically, he also arranged an early test truck for Gilberts, which helped their team make their decision on the basis of seeing it in action.

Here we see Peter and James taking delivery of their new Super-Liner MP10 at the Queensland Truck Centre:

It’s a privilege to drive

Murray Hosking, one of the Gilberts drivers said, "I feel very privileged to be driving the new MP10 Super-Liner. It’s by far the quietest and easiest truck I have ever driven.  I’ve been driving trucks for over 10 years and I’m used to driving well-maintained late-model high horsepower prime movers, but from a driver's point of view this Super-Liner , far superior to anything I have ever driven.”

Power and comfort

The Super-Liner has impressed the Gilberts team with the power and fuel efficiency of its MP10 engine and the ease of driving with the m DRIVE automated manual transmission. The cool running temperatures and quiet cab have both made a big difference in reducing driver fatigue levels.

One of the first in Queensland

Alistair Roberts, Regional Sales Manager - Mack Trucks Australia said "Gilberts Transport are a long-standing customer and it’s great to see them step up and buy a new truck. Their team are very proud to have one of the first products to be powered by the MP10. This sale is a great win, both for Gilberts and for the Mack team."