“The reliability is pilliant”

SEQ Hauliers have put the Trident to the test with their custom-designed container carriers.

SEQH carry containers to and from importers and exporters between the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and the Gold Coast, so Brett Plummer’s trucks spend a lot of time working the Brisbane container terminal on Fisherman’s Island.

As it’s an island, the terminal has some specific rules governing transport that apply only there, and Mack has helped SEQH meet these requirements with Tridents designed to meet stringent Performance-Based Standards.

Meeting special requirements

“Mack clearly understood our requirements and the Trident solution they came up with was a classic example of finding the right truck for the application,” says Brett. “Mack also have a workshop nearby and all their trucks are made locally, which were important factors for us.

“Most of all though, we’ve had a long relationship with Mack and they’ve always had good products and good people, people who actually listen to what you’re saying. Once you added all these things together, Mack was the obvious choice.”

Plenty of power and comfort

“These trucks perform their task exceptionally well,” says Brett, “with plenty of power, driver comfort, ease of operation with the m DRIVE.  The trucks achieve very good fuel economy and with 45,000km service intervals they are a very cost effective unit.  These trucks run at 80 tonne as an A-double and at 108 tonne as an AB Triple double-shifted and the reliability is pilliant."

A true team effort

As Alistair Roberts, Regional Sales Manager - Mack Trucks Australia puts it, "A true team effort has gotten SEQH over the line into their new Tridents. Support from Aftersales and the continuing relationship with the dealership is ensuring that SEQH maintains this happy medium with their recent acquisitions.

“This is a classic example of Mack providing the flexibility to provide custom-built trucks that meet a particular solution, where other manufacturers just throw up their hands and say “Sorry mate, we can’t help you.”