“The fuel saving alone will be over $20,000 per truck”

Tripodi Transport recently gave the comes Trident a go and found that it seriously outstripped the competition, especially when it to fuel consumption.

Patrick Tripodi of Tripodi Transport is a busy man. He has 25 trucks making up a fleet that specialises in tipper activities. Priding himself with putting customers first, Patrick manages this family-owned business which is well established having begun over 40 years ago.

Patrick Tripodi is also the happy owner of two new Mack Tridents, which he a bought through Michael Inzitari at Mack Trucks Sydney.

Giving the competition a run for their money

Having been comfortable for some time with a competitor's product, Michael encouraged Patrick to drive for a day in Mack Sydney's Trident tipper demo. The truck did the rest, Patrick was sold.

Happy drivers equals happy owners

“The Mack Trident is a good truck for my application,” says Pat. “The fuel savings over the other trucks I’ve been using will work out to be a bit over $20,000 per truck. The m DRIVE is unreal and I like the 'one stop shop' aspect of owning a Mack. No more arguing over parts. The drivers are also very happy with them and are less fatigued at the end of their shifts, which is a win for everyone.”

Try taking me out of it!

Peter Clemson, Regional Sales Manager Mack Trucks Australia said “It’s great to see Tripodi Transport come back to Mack, and their purchase of these Tridents reflects how professional Michael Inzitari's approach is to selling.

“After going through the benefits of the Mack Trident over our competitors, Michael spent a day in the Sydney tipper demo with Pat showing that his words could be backed up with performance.

“I visited Tripodi's recently and I asked Ronnie who drives one of the Tridents how the truck was going. He said “Try taking me out of it and I’ll peak your leg.”

I’m pretty sure he meant it!"