Mack Trucks Resumes Production at Wacol Plant

After a four week shutdown as a result of supply chain disruption, work has recommenced at the Mack Trucks Queensland based, Wacol factory, effective May 11.

The 4 week temporary stand down of the facility was implemented due to the spread of COVID-19 across the globe and the subsequent disruption to shipping and component manufacture”.

“Key suppliers, both locally and overseas have resumed the production and shipping of components over the last few weeks,” says Martin Merrick, President and CEO of VGA. “And I’m delighted to see work resume at our world class factory.”

“The safety and well-being of our people comes first and foremost,” Merrick continues “As well the social distancing and hygiene measures currently in place, additional precautions like employee temperature monitoring will also be mandatory”

“Over the last seven weeks we’ve seen the best of the Australian transport industry delivering essential goods, services and people to their destinations in challenging circumstances.” “Our dealerships, parts distribution network and workshops have been on hand to support those vehicles during that time.”  And now I am very pleased to see our “certified Australian Made” Mack trucks begin rolling out of the factory doors once again.”