In a major coup, the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show will feature a large-scale Mack Anthem truck built from LEGO bricks. And attendees will not only be able to witness the final build but help complete the incredible project!

If you’re into both trucks and LEGO then the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show has a real treat in store for you.

With support of Mack Trucks Australia, LEGO brick fan, educator and builder of amazing LEGO brick creations Ben Craig has been commissioned to build a large-scale Mack Anthem at next year’s event.

Yep, you read that right! In fact, this mind-boggling project to build a real-life truck out of LEGO bricks has already commenced design work.

Comprising hundreds of thousands bricks, the build will take seven months in the lead up to the 2023 show, with the finishing touches to be added live in front of the public at what’s sure to be among the most popular displays at the show.

“LEGO and Mack Trucks. Two iconic brands loved by both kids, and the big kids at heart, around the world,” says Mack Vice President, Tom Chapman.

“In 2023 we will have been manufacturing Mack Trucks in Australia, specifically Brisbane, for 60 years. To celebrate, we’re building an impressive Mack Anthem out of LEGO bricks right in the heart of South Bank and inviting the community to help build it!”

Best known as The Brick Builder, Ben’s previous works include a full-size 1973 Viscount Royal caravan. Constructed from 288,630 LEGO bricks, the 2,200mm wide, 2,350mm high, 5,800mm long model weighed 1.6 tons and is the largest caravan ever made with LEGO bricks.

Ben’s previous works include a full-size 1973 Viscount Royal caravan constructed from 288,630 LEGO bricks, the largest caravan ever made with LEGO bricks.

The caravan was displayed at the Queensland Caravan, Camping & Touring Super Show in Brisbane in 2018.

Other notable commissions have included scaled models of Brisbane Airport, a Eurostar train set, and the La Jument lighthouse in France.

A secret fan of large trucks and engineering, the Mack Anthem is by far the largest project undertaken by Ben, whose healthy obsession with LEGO began at the age of two and has never ceased.

Relishing the challenge, Ben has the hit the ground running with a site visit to Volvo Group Australia’s Wacol factory to witness the process involved in designing and building the Australian-made Mack Anthem – a process he intends to follow with the LEGO version.

Starting with the Anthem’s computer-aided design (CAD) files, Ben and team are undertaking a three-to-four week design phase, before sourcing bricks from LEGO and other suppliers in Europe and Australia to commence the build early January.

Just like the real thing, the truck will be built from scratch with fully numbered and genuine parts. All components will be held together by ‘Kragle’ – which fans of The Lego Movie will know is a weapon (tube of glue) sought by Lord Business to ensure everyone touched by it is sealed in place.

Mack Trucks Vice President Tom Chapman says LEGO and Mack are two iconic brands loved by both kids, and big kids at heart, around the world.

An estimated 95 per cent of the build will be completed off-site at Ben’s Gold Coast studio, before being transported in sections in containers to South Bank where the project will be completed.

Strengthened with metal internal supports, the Anthem will feature a detailed exterior and interior, including wheels, air lines, fuel tanks, turntable, fully operable doors and 36-inch sleeper.

As Master Builder Emmet Brickowski would say, it’s going to be awesome!