Mack Trucks is celebrating six decades of Australian manufacturing

Mack Trucks is celebrating six decades of Australian manufacturing with the unveiling of two striking prime movers at this year’s Brisbane Truck Show.

A Mack Super-Liner featuring a new fully integrated walk through 70” sleeper, and an optimised spec Mack Anthem 36” fully integrated sleeper take pride of place at the 2023 show.

Both trucks have been designed with the needs of the driver front of mind with exceptional comfort and handling from behind the wheel as well as a spacious cabin environment that offers class leading comfort once the shift behind the wheel is done.

Big Bunk Super-Liner

The new walk- through sleeper will be available in a variety of configurations as an option for the heavy haul-oriented Super-Liner.

“Our display at the show this year tells our best news to date,” says Tom Chapman, Vice President Mack Trucks Australia. “The addition of a 70-inch integrated sleeper really bolsters the Super-Liner’s credentials as a heavy haulage and road train hauler.”

“The MP10 engine has quietly built an admirable reputation for durability, efficiency and performance in demanding heavy haul roles over the last decade, in these applications the driver can be away from home for weeks rather than days,” Chapman continues.

“This is a state-of-the-art sleeper cab designed for the driver.”

Uptime, efficiency and productivity are all hallmarks of the Mack product. As an Australian engineered and built product, the ability to build the right truck for the job at hand is proving to be a significant advantage, not just for the Super-Liner but for the entire Mack range.

“Being able to spec the Base-Air suspension system straight from the factory and the option of an integrated home away from home truly makes the Super-Liner hard to ignore for long distance road train roles where this truck truly shines.”

34-Pallet B-Double Anthem

The 34-pallet B-Double optimised spec Mack Anthem on display at the show features an integrated 36-inch walk-through sleeper which has continued to deliver new levels of fuel efficiency, uptime and driver comfort for Australian linehaul customers.

The Mack Anthem launched during 2021, with many upgrades seen across the model range including the option of 13 and 14- speed m DRIVE HD transmissions and the integrated 36-inch sleeper option.

“There’s been no shortage of great feedback on the 13 litre Anthem. Feedback on this product as an east coast B-Double hauler has been excellent,” says Chapman.

The Bendix Wingman fusion safety system is standard equipment across the Mack optimised spec range and features lane departure warning, blind spot alarm, adaptive cruise control, collision warning and autonomous emergency braking.

Australian Made

2023 marks a milestone year for Mack Trucks, achieving 60 years of Australian manufacturing.

“The culture at Mack is one of pride and passion; our Australian Made certification is one we wear as a badge of honour,” Chapman says.

“Every Mack truck you see on the roads in Australia has been made in the western corridor of Brisbane and these Australian engineered and built trucks continue to deliver application excellence for our customers. I’m very pleased to see new developments like the 70-inch sleeper make an already awesome truck even better.”

The first 70-inch sleeper equipped vehicles are expected to be delivered to customers Q4 2024.