Mack Transmissions

Geared up for any road.

Mack transmissions are the best in the business. With tough materials, simple operation and American manufacturing, these transmissions are built to go the distance for your trucks and your business.

  • mDRIVE

    • Automated Manual Transmission
    • 12-speed
    • Torque: 1920 lb.-ft.
    • Direct Drive and Overdrive
  • mDRIVE HD and XHD

    • Automated Manual Transmission
    • 13- and 14-speeds
    • Torque: up to 2300 lb.-ft.
    • Direct Drive and Overdrive
    mDRIVE HD and XHD
    • Integrated reliability

      Mack transmissions are designed to work seamlessly with Mack MP engines and axles so there’s no question of compatibility or performance.

    • Less maintenance

      Mack transmissions keep your trucks out of the shop with superior design, tougher materials and American manufacturing.

    • Easy to operate

      Reduce wear and tear on your drivers with transmissions that make shifting a breeze and help drivers finish the job strong.

    Better for your business because they’re built that way.