The new Mack Anthem® challenges the expectations of aerodynamic design with a bold look that dramatically improves efficiency.

Covered Tow Loops

Cuts down on wind resistance and creates a clean look.

Close-Out Flange

Prevents airflow between bonnet and bumper and moves air around the cab.

Aero Device

Improves airflow from the cab to the trailer.

3-Piece Bumper

The 3 pieces can be ordered as separate replacement parts for improved serviceability and lower repair costs.

West Coast Mirrors

Strong hinges with zero plastic, tougher materials and spring loaded mounts help keep maintenance costs down.

Durable Components

From bolts to latches, all Anthem components are made from tough, long-lasting materials.

LED Lights

LED headlights are 66% brighter, last longer, use less energy and provide better visibility.

Driver Environment

Engineered for better control and comfort on the long haul, Anthem helps keep drivers fresh and ready to roll.

Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel

An industry first, allowing more clearance for entry or exit.

Mack® Co-Pilot™

5” full-color digital display provides enhanced visibility and simpler navigation without distractions. Constant truck monitoring and Pre-trip Assistant, including one-person Exterior Light Inspection, keep an eye out for potential issues before they become real ones.

mDRIVE™ Controls

Intuitive placement gives drivers comfortable access without taking eyes off the road.

Steering Wheel Controls

Built to work and designed with purpose, automotive-inspired controls make operating the Mack Anthem™ easy, safe and comfortable.

Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™

The Bendix Wingman Fusion system integrates radar, cameras and braking system data to help drivers detect and avoid any potential hazards on the road ahead.

Additional Storage

Oversized cup holders fit large drinks and there’s room for keys, devices and more in the easy-to-clean unit.

Mack-Exclusive Seats

We partnered with ISRI to provide high quality seats that are both comfortable and durable enough to take on daily wear and tear.

D-Panel Gauges

Customize the dash with 4 optional auxiliary gauges.

Power Window, Lock and Mirror Controls

Provide more comfort and control than manual windows.

Sleeper Environment

We built the the Mack Anthem 36-inch StandUp Sleeper with 35% more space to give drivers plenty of room to get comfortable, rest well and stay focused on the road.

Industry-Leading Storage

Overhead cabinets, underbunk locker box access and optional 36L fridge/freezer, offering as much or as little storage as you need.

Sleeper Lighting

Dimmable pipe light around the perimeter of the driver environment, bunk task light, reading lights and overhead lights are all bright, long-lasting LED.

Sleeper Windows

Sleeper windows feature self-contained built-in blackout shades.The screened windows tilt out to let air in and keep rain out.

Sleeper Mattress

Designed with pocket springs, the premium quality mattress not only feels soft but provides consistent, total body support for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Sleeper Control Panel

See the time, access 12V power outlets, USB ports and interior lighting from one convenient panel.

Generous Headroom

Anthem’s generous ceiling height of 1,828mm at the driver’s seat and 2,120mm in the rear of the cab lets drivers stand up and walk right through to the sleeper.