Mack Super-Liner Wood large

Bring out the big guns


If you need to manage premium long distance line-haul, AB triple road trains, low-loader heavy-haulage or anything in between, you need a Super-Liner.

  • The Mack MP10 engine delivers up to 685hp and 2,300 lb-ft torque
  • mDRIVE automated manual transmission takes all the effort out of gear changes
  • Mack PowerLeash offers ultimate braking control under demanding conditions
  • Mack Grade Gripper – hill start assist
  • Quiet and comfortable cab
  • Great fuel economy and low emissions
  • Perfect for B-Double, heavy haul and other heavy-duty applications
  • Designed and built for New Zealand conditions

Durable, reliable, proven.

Built to haul the heavy loads

If you are looking for a high horsepower truck for an 8x4 application – have a look at the Mack 8x4 Super-Liner & how it can carry your heavy loads.

Mack Trucks Australia - 60" Sleeper

More room to move & made for comfort

60" Sleeper

After a long day on the road, you deserve a big space to relax in. The Mack 60-inch sleeper brings together comfort and convenience like never before. The interior has been designed to maximise space and minimise effort. From your extra long, almost 1-metre wide bunk, drink holders, power outlets, A/C controls and digital clock, everything you need is easily to hand.

The Mack 60-inch sleeper is everything you need to feel at home on the open road.

Our Ultimate Uptime Promise

Any time, any day, anywhere. Our roadside assistance gets you back on the road and gives you ultimate peace of mind -24/7

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